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#TerraCottaWarrior is ALIVE

We all know it has been a long time coming, but the Warrior is alive. And she is angry in all the best possible ways. We opted to try out the ECUMasters ECUBlack for this build--and boy are we glad we did. John Holleran at Holleran's Performance in Auburn, CA built us an amazing 2.5 Short-Stroke, twin-plugged engine using the original, numbers-matching case. 2.7 heads were used and valves were enlarged and MUCH porting was done.. So much, in fact, that John was afraid the low end drivability would be compromised.

That, my friends, is where EFI makes magic happen. With full sequential timing and fueling control, you can make 46mm throttle bodies and giant valves and cams perform well, even at low RPM. We literally shocked ourselves with how much low end torque we were able to coax from this mill. Its a rocket and it pulls smoothly from 1300rpm in 4th with no drama..Try that with 46mm carbs!

The Warrior is now ready to have the rear "R" windows glued in and the rest of the interior buttoned up, and then its shakedown time. Mines Road awaits!

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