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At Sports Purpose Garage we specialize in air-cooled Porsche restorations and customization.

Sports Purpose Upgrades:
We have a deep knowledge of classic sports purpose vehicles. Whether it’s upgrading suspension, brakes, interior, engine or transmission, we have the expertise to execute innovative upgrades that are based on proven real-world knowledge.

Project Management:
A true sports purpose car is an extension of your personality. One size or solution never fits all.  If you are looking to create your dream sports purpose concept, the team at SPG will guide you through the consultative process to make sure your vision is cohesive and meets your needs for budget, performance and timeline. We ensure the project is executed by the best providers in each specialty. We manage our trusted network of suppliers and vendors to minimize the frustrating delays and spiraling costs that are often experienced by clients attempting to complete their concept alone. 

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Getting wrapped on Tuesday!  #fml914 #po
Trailing arms reinforced.  #fml914.jpg
#badpnny is for sale. Email me at leftco
Not my best angle... _trivalleyautoglass
Almost ready to prime! _rgruppe #rGruppe
Laying down some of the new Vintage Flat
This is called experience folks. I tweak
Not too bad for a half-caged sunroof car
Yeah baby. _sbsc911 dizzy belt gave it u
Install complete.  It's too hot for this
One of my favorite images from _avoidsth
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Livermore, CA, USA


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